We are a digital design company


Most of our team met back in 2001, since then we have worked in the “geek” sector, designing and developing for third parties, as well as setting up our own projects and companies. Some have entered and others have left, and we have learned from all of them. Sometimes we have won and sometimes we have enjoyed. Sometimes we have fallen, and as a winning team, we have risen again. We are old dogs, most of us already herd a few sheep. We are not the best, nor the worst, but we keep waking up every day with the same desire, with an intact illusion to learn, to grow, to create.

"The words ´believe´ and ´create´ are similar because they're only one letter apart"
Albert Espinosa (El mundo amarillo, Ed. 2008)

Our approach

We believe in a world where design is an essential part of society. Design understood from collaboration and experimentation, bringing together people who never thought they would work together, without physical boundaries of any kind. We work for money, but we design for love. We like to make it easy. Simplify, always minimize. The lighter, the better. The facade may be light, but the structure must be robust. We love simple objects that hide a deep knowledge and love of detail.

4 Laus Awards guarantee our work3 Silver and 1 Gold awards by ADG-FAD in Barcelona

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