We are a digital design company

What do we do?

We do what we like, what we are passionate about, what makes us happy, and we like to do it very well. For you and for us, but most of all for your clients. Whatever we’re going to create, we better get everyone excited, because that’s the only way we can get a wow project. We are dedicated to digital experiences and web services for all kinds of devices. Design, development, online marketing, SEO, UI, Analytics and optimization, a little bit of psychology, hosting, maintenance… in short, everything you need to make a successful digital product or service.

What don't we do?

To save time, we also have a list of how we don’t work:

1. Free. 2. For tomorrow. 3. Projects without clear briefing. 4. No down payment. 5. Projects on violence and pornography. 6. Touch projects of other developers.

How do we do it?

Look at us as an extension of your team and not as a supplier, that’s how we like to work, it’s a matter of trust. We will meet, get to know each other, talk, discuss, set goals, learn to trust each other and build a team. We never accept a project as it comes, only idiots accept jobs as they come. If we want to make it really memorable, we have to go around each job until it can become a wow project. Things are clear from the beginning, if you hire us trust us and let us work, as David Ogilvy said “Don’t hire a dog, then bark yourself”.

"Design is something that must be applied from day one as part of a whole"
Tom Peters (Journal of Business and Design, Vol 6, No. 1)

How do we take it?

Very much so. Once we started, we pulled the project as if it was ours (literally). We’ll be honest, if you ask us for something not cool we’ll tell you, if Analytics says it doesn’t work, we’ll admit it. If you have doubts, ask and we will answer. We don’t care about the size, small projects contain the DNA of the whole company, to face a very big opportunity you don’t need an “officially big” project. Our job is to detect those opportunities and turn them into wow project.

How much and how do we charge?

As a general rule, we do not accept projects with a budget of less than 10K. We are very flexible in the way we charge, but we always ask for an amount in advance. In order not to delay that uncomfortable budget conversation, we give a minimum price from the beginning. It may seem a bit shocking, but those who don’t reach that minimum appreciate our honesty and are grateful that they don’t have to waste their time. For those who can afford it, it means we can quickly move on to talk about the next steps.

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