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The benefits of Reading

All we know that reading is one of the best ways to learn a new language. Every day we heard that reading is important for adults but specially for kids.

Associated Press-Ipson poll reveals that 1 in 4 adults read NO books. What it means that 25% of the adults are reading zero books at the moment.

According to the experts, reading develops many skills that we need later on in life including, but not limited to: social skills, comprehension, speech, communication, and ways to show emotion.

Reading every day can help you in nearly every aspect of your life

Here, in this modest article, you’ll find some of the benefits of reading, but before that let me share some data with all of you:

- About 78% of books read by students are usually assigned by a teacher or a professor.

If your parents or teachers ever encouraged you to read, they were doing you a huge favour because reading to young children is extremely beneficial to their development.

The more worrying information is what children say about reading:

- 50% of children between the ages for 12-18 say they have never been to a public library.
– Only 21% of children say they read for fun.
– And finally, only 5,3% of children say they only read because of their parents.

Laura Minnigerode, a writing instructor and former classroom teacher, talks about the benefits of reading for pleasure. Watch the following video to get more information about it:

The benefits of reading for pleasure include teaching children to love books, relaxation and being introduced to new ideas. Connect with other people and have things to talk about because of reading with advice from this writing instructor.

Reading a book it’s a perfect way to improve your memory

Different parents have different opinions about the importance of reading to children. The two extremes that were found in blogs were: reading is essential if you want your child to be successful and that reading has no role at all in the development of skills for their children.

The expert Anne Glass, from New York, talks us about how to encourage children to read a book.

In recent times, with the popularity of video games, computers and television and so on, most people and specially children have no time for reading, but…

what are the benefits of reading?

1. Improves your vocabulary. The more you read the more vocabulary you get. Reading it helps you building your vocabulary. If you read every day you’ll become an avid reader and it will help you to keep the muscles of the brain in good shape. It’s said that reading increases our vocabulary more than talking or direct teaching, what is more, language in children’s books are sometime more sophisticated than in our average conversations.

2. Improves your spelling. For language learners it’s very important to read regularly because it helps to improve your spelling. The more you read the more you’ll see the proper spelling. In addition, all successful writers will tell you that in order to write well, you need to read.

3. Relax time. Reading a book or whatever you want provides you a nice time to relax and you can allow yourself to be transported into another world where you’ll find a good atmosphere. It helps you expanding your imagination and after having a stressful day, reading a book can easily distract you and reduces your stress level.

4. Enhances your brain power. According to the experts, when we read, our brains are stimulated and that helps dealing with possible problems like Alzheimer’s disease. People who read are better decision makers.

5. Better analytical thinking. Some studies have found that analytical thinking is boosted by reading. Readers improve their general knowledge, and are able to spot patterns quicker, what it means that their analytical skills receive a boost.

6. Improves your writing skills. Considering that reading improves my vocabulary and other aspects, maybe I’m ready to write my first eBook and for that you can use byeink, creamebooks’ online eBook editor, perfect to create, sell and manage your eBooks.

7. Improves your creativity. Reading helps to develop the creative side of your brain as it imbibes innovation into your thinking process.

8. Great satisfaction. Sit down with your child and read him a story book. Nothing can be more satisfying. Reading it helps him to understand different ways of life and understand different ideas.

9. Academic excellence. Some studies have shown that students who are exposed to reading before preschool are more likely to do well in all facets of formal education.

10. And many others: reduces boredom, builds self-esteem, acclamation to new experiences, improves concentration and focus and so on.

An advertisement to promote child literacy

The transcript of what the boy has written down:

How tired I am of this unbearable distance between us. How I long for the toll of the recess bell. Have you forgotten me? Grown mindless of me? Tell me I am not writing into an abyss. Or that is what will become of my heart.

It’s really so nice!!!

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