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Be on the cloud, my friend

Confused about the term “Cloud Computing”? Want to be on trendy?

Nowadays there is a fundamental transformation of companies culture caused by new generation of users. We are in a significant inflection point for traditional companies and promising startups. Both of them want to be on the net. Both of them need the cloud computing.

According to experts in new technologies, more than 70% of companies will have a gamified app by 2015 and are working hard right now in social networks and integrating their products on them. Why? Because new generations have grown up using Twitter, Facebook and so many others social networks. They’re the future of the consumption and they’re helping to create more dynamic business.

Explaining Cloud Computing

Next video boils down a section of cloud computing, that of cloud infrastructure and cloud hosting in a way that everyone can understand!

Younger generations demand a different user interface. One which has not investment, without software installations, with mobility options to access whenever and wherever you are. In addition they’re looking for new, simply intuitive and friendly interface tools, always updated and with a standard security.

For example the old model of software licensing is dying and now the key to reaching scale for startups is the freemium model, but there are other options out there in the market to attract new customers.

With the freemium model consumers can use the product before they ever take out their credit cards and then take a decision of paying for continue using the product, but when they get to touch the product themselves, it creates a user experience and if it’s positive they’re more likely to continue using the tool.

Some examples of cloud computing are Google Docs, Dropbox and so on. In publishing services you can find startups such as CreameBooks which has developed ‘byeink” a very intuitive tool to publish, manage and distribute your own eBooks.

Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing breaks down barriers to computing power that was once only available to a select few. As more and more businesses explore the benefits of cloud computing, revolutionary innovations are happening across a wide range of industries.

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